Starrpower Rave Bras! <3
I'm thinking of selling some extensions that I will color and such myself, but I don't know if anyone would really be interested in them. Who would possibly buy some from me? I'm not going to charge like $250 for them, that's a little much.




So, some exciting news! I am now a promoter for iHeartRaves and EmazingLights!!! So if y'all want 5% off your entire order just use my code: plurr7821 at checkout and you'll get it!
Happy shopping guys! <3
This is some of the BEST heat protection that I've come across! It's by Sebastian so it's a little pricey but it's so worth it! You can definitely find it at Ulta and I'll see where else besides online. Oh and a little advice when using it, make sure to shake it well to mix it together otherwise it's just straight oil on your hair!

This the generic of the Paul Mitchell The Conditioner. Honestly, this is just like the real thing, same ingredients even. I really like to use this for a good quality conditioner(and it's really good to shave your legs with!). You can find the generic at Sally's Beauty Supply or for the original it should be at any major beauty supply stores.

If you're looking for a good hairspray that will keep thin hair from going limp, get this stuff! I've had customers tell me this really works good. Now I personally haven't tried it since I don't wear much hairspray but I've heard good stuff about it. You can get it at Sally's as well.

Now this is another pricey product, but it's done wonders for my hair since I've done A LOT to it in the past year. It says it's a lightweight mousse but it's a little more than that. It really helps with blow drying your hair and helping with frizz. It also moisturizes it too so it doesn't feel so dry.

If you ever need just like a one time thing to really help with overly processed hair(lots of bleaching, coloring, lots of straightening, etc.). It has protein in it, so it helps strengthen your hair. It says to leave it on like 3-5 minutes but you could leave it on all night. The long the better with this stuff. It says can be used daily, but I'd do it like twice a week really. From Sally's.

I usually don't get things that help smooth your hair cause I usually let it dry natural and then straighten it but I got to try a sample of this and I like it. I like to use it after I've fixed my hair just as something to help with flyaways and to smooth my ends down. I haven't tried it with my hair damp yet though. Another thing from Sally's.

If you really need some extra dee conditioning for just like a once a week thing, this is your stuff. I got to sample this as well and it really helped coat my ends to make them fel smoother and my hair feel really soft after I was finished styling. It says you can use it no more than twice a week but I only use it once. It comes from Sally's as well.

I think I'm going to do a few products a week of different things I've tried or have heard really good reviews on. Now I do work at Sally's so most of the stuff will probably be from there but there are also some things I've worked with that come from places like Ulta and Sephora and others.
I got some new bras last night on a good deal! They're pink and purple. Both are 36C. I'm going to work on them tonight while I'm house sitting, with some adorable dogs and a cat(though I'm not sure where he is lol). I may do the pink with some pearls and more pastel and the purple one kind of punk. I'm not sure about the purple yet so if y'all have any ideas that'd be great or if you want either one let me know how you want it! Oh I may also be getting some extensions soon to sell if anyone is interested! Well anyways..I hope to have that video up soon, just been pretty busy.
Here is a couple of pictures I've found on pinterest! Here in the next week I will make a video on how to do some of my favs from these. :)